On this course we show and teach you the industrial method with metal etched blocks, foils and gold lettering by heated blocks.

And we teach you the alternative methods as well, that provides us to reach the same metallic effect on a print in a much cheaper way without using blocks, with simple, everyday tools.

As a bonus we teach you the basics of edge gilting (when we stamp with hot-foil the 3 edges of a book), relief printing and embossing printing.
Previous appointment needed on: letterpressacademy@gmail.com

3 days, 24 hours, max. 6 person
Price: 33 000 HUF/person
Next course: 25-27. Nov. 2015.
Metallic prints, this is gold lettering. If we would like to make a really beautiful and artistic book or print, usually we use hot foil stamping.

There is industrial method of gold lettering that needs technical background and there are alternatives that only needs manual skills and creativity.

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