Our antique printing machine collection is unique in Hungary and we can say unique in the world also, because all of our machine actually work and most of them can also be tested.

It was very crucial for us at the purchase of each machine, because we didn’t want to have a static exposition, our aim was to establish a Workshop where every printing method can be tested and every machine is operational, we can even work with them if needed.

Unlike other printing museums we preserved the printing machines and methods in systematic groups.

The systematic groups are the following:
In this way the creation, the developement and at the very end the fruitful outcome composing clear forms can be contemplated and understood. The everlasting return by simple understanding and realising.

This interactive printing museum is the result of the work and collecting of many-many years. A museum where you can not only watch the beautiful antique machines but you can also use them. This is a workshop where we open the door for everybody to get a chance to be acquainted with printing and the popular and joyful world of own-hand creating.

We have the following machines and equipments in our Workshop:
• Iron Gutenberg press (Europian, from the 1840’ years)
• Wörner Liberty platen press with throw-of system
• letterpress
• lithography (and algraphy)
• gravure printing (engraved plastic plate and etched copper plate printing)
• mimeograph system (stencil, risograph)
• digital photo-composing system
• digital printers (laser, ink, solid ink, matrix, thermotransfer and digital stencil)

All of the peripheries of these printing systems can be found in our museum and all of them actually work. Like: block making, lithographic preparation, stencil screen making, copper plate making for gravure pirnting, paper milling, leather skiving, type casting, wood type carving.

And all of them work in a parallel line. It means that we have the most of the machines from the first initial types to the modern nowadays machines.
• Austerreicher and Markus Liberty platen press, the last one in the world
• Gally platen press, Hungaria type and PT Russian, heavy type platen presses
• Boston system Heidelberg OHT and several types of Grafopress
• Adana and other A6 size small hand presses
• Platen press with joint press
• Mix of Boston and Gally system platen press (our own classification, great rarity)
• Hand operated flat bed press in B2 size: Wörner (Lilliputian), Russian military portable press, Velox hand-operated flat-bed press
• Velox GM-2 flat-bed press with Spies paper feeding, B2 size (has 3 hammers) 
• Letterpress proof printing press, Ferenc Benyák engineered
• Vandercook proof printing press
• Offset Proof printing press: Zetaconte, B2 plus size
• Mini offset printer: Adast Rominor
• Romayor
• Analog stencil system: Gestettner, Rex Rotary, Cyclos, other hand-operated mimeographs, analog Risograph
• Digital stencil system: digital Risograph
• Spirit duplicator, ormig duplicator (alcohol printing machine)
• Composer typewriter (IBM with margaret head)
• Typewriters for stencil, 7 pcs different ages
• Hand type casting maching from the 18th-19th century
• Type casting matrixes, several types, Ludlow and Monotype
• Wood types

• Wood type carving machines: planes, pantographes, milling machines, saws, measuring machines
• Lithographic stones, ap. 2000 kgs
• Copper-plate printing machine, 70 cm width and small size
• Cemigraphic block making mashines
• Contact box for offset plate making
• Cutting machine from the 19th century and new ones, Wörner type
• Wire stitching machines, initial foot-operated and new ones with engine, Hungarian type
• Type case racks from the 1900’s years, several ones plenty of types ( types of Zoltán Nagy, huge rarity)
• Rule molding press from the end of the 19th century
• Lino type-gauge and shoot board
• Linotype saw series
• Underlay saw
• Bending and perforating foot-operated machine
• Book binder presses
• Sewing press
• Corner rounding machine
• Repro Cameras, for ex: Horvay, developing tanks, enlarger machines, touch-up and mounting tables
• Photo composing equipments
• Thermo relief heat tunnels (English and Hungarian)
And a huge quantity of excipient and service materials for lithography, ecthing, carving, photo.
Gutenberg hand casting machine

Phone: +36 20 219 1421
Email: letterpressacademy@gmail.com
Opening hours: by appointment
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