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3 days, 24 hours, max. 6 person
Price: 33 000 HUF/person
Next course: 11-13. Dec. 2015.
Are you interested in samizdat printing? Or the stencil and mimeograph technics and its modern way, the Risograph technics? In Hungary stencil and mimeograph technics were always neglected and there is hardly a few expert of it in the world as well. Though it is plenty of interesting possibilities. We can create unbelievable things combining the modern machines with old technics and our manual skills. In Europe the modern stencil, the Risograph-technic is very popular nowadays.

In our workshop you can try and learn the basics of stencil and its familiar technics. We teach you the use of different stencil machines and its printing form making beginning with the old hand machine to the modern nowadays electronic mimeographs while we print really special things. We will print on textile, thick materials, cardboard and wood.

Phone: +36 20 219 1421
Opening hours: by appointment