• Letterpress and typographer show, camp and workshops
In our workshop or at outdoor places, for children, adults, artists and for groups as well. Our current programs and workshop
dates are availables on our facebook page.

• Special prints, cards, posters
Technics: letterpress, stencil, embossing, gravure, lithographic, algraphic printing, special offset printing.

• Book printing in small run
From 1 piece, combining digital and traditional technics, artistic prints and book making.

• Letterpress printing
Visit cards, invitation cards, post cards, posters… ect.

• Cutting

• Gold lettering and hot foil printing

• Stencil (mimeograph-system) master making

• Block making
Metal, polymer and wood

• Printing house clearance
If you have any old printing machine or printing equipments to get rid of, don’t hesitate to call us! We take away for free the
interesting machines for our museum.

• Expertising, printing consultancy
If you have any unusual and complicated work, special prints combining different technics (not simple offset), we come and
help to find out the right solution

• Machine renting
We rent printing machines and equipments for film making or events, in our Workshop or other outdoor places (most of the
machines are transportable). We can equip printing houses of different ages from the Middle Ages to the 1970-80’s ages.

For an offer please write us on letterpressacademy@gmail.com or call us on +36 20
219 1421 phone number.

Phone: +36 20 219 1421
Email: letterpressacademy@gmail.com
Opening hours: by appointment