Nowadays it is renessaince of letterpress and old technincs. There are more and more traditionally printed artistic issues ...
In our workshop you can try and learn the basics of stencil and its familiar technics ...
Metallic prints, this is gold lettering. If we would like to make a really beautiful and artistic book or print, usually we use hot foil stamping ...
Its cover makes the book’s first impression, so we have to make it special and impressive. Only some creativity needed for this, because we can make an ugly book for expensive and a nice one on a cheap way ...
If you desire some handicraft and you like the special smell of paper and ink and antique machines, then our workshops are for you ...
A short tour in the museum and workshop, intorducing the machines and technics, and if time and the number of group allows, we can try some of the machines ...

Self creating is a big experience for children and adults alike. It's fun to learn and enjoy it at the same time. We would like to share the fun of printing and having an end result by ourself, not buying it ready made.

We hold workshops where you can look in the world of printing for a few hours or a day. We hold thematic courses, if you feel like to learn how to make your own designed print. And we organise summer camps where you can combine all of it with a nice holiday.

If you have never printed anything yet but you feel like to make a poster, postcard of your own graphic or to make an album, we show you how and we teach you the basics. If you are already in practice and you would like to learn printing on a higher level or do it vocationally, then you should come to one of our advanced courses!

Our intesive courses is mainly for graphic artists, graphic students and those who would like to do printing as a proffession. We recommend our small courses to letterpress- and handicraft-fans, for studenst and children.

Any qualification or printing knowledge needed for none of our courses.

In all of our courses we try to teach methods, that you can use at home with your own every-day tools.

Our aim is that the printer’s and the artist’s work be aligned and that the artist make a design that he is able to print even by himself.

In our Letterpress Workshop we provide you the place, the machines and equipments, the materials (if you need) and the proffessional help. You only need to bring your creativity and your hardworking hands!

We welcome everybody who likes the special smell of paper and ink and who has affinity to own-hand creating and antiques machines.

If you are interested, please write to

Phone: +36 20 219 1421
Opening hours: by appointment
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