Half day workshop, 4 hours, max. 10 person
Price: 3 500 HUF/person
One day workshop, 8 hours, max. 10 preson
Price: 5000 HUF/person
Dates: by appointment
The possibilities are unlimited, only your fantasy and time can set a limit.

Recommended for classes, student groups and friends. Previous appointment needed on:

See the photos of our previous workshops HERE!
If you desire some handicraft and you like the special smell of paper and ink and antique machines, then our workshops are for you! It is a creative time for children and adults as well. On our workshops you can try all the printing technics: stencil, wood type letterpess on Gutenberg press, printing from etched copper plate, printing your self-made etched plastic with engraving machine, paper milling, gold lettering and decorating albums, books.
We hold thematic workshops, like Christmas gift making workshops, where you bring your own idea and we provide the place, the machines, materials if needed and the proffesional help to work out your own idea.

Phone: +36 20 219 1421
Opening hours: by appointment