We put emphasis on practical know-how. If you come to our intensive high-level course, you will be able to prepare a block by computer, to make the block and to print it even in multicolor. On the basic course we just slightly touch the block making subjects because there is not enough time to learn making our own bloks.

Main themes on both letterpess courses: typography, ink types, inking, working of letterpress machines, types of letterpress machines, types and making of blocks and films, contacting, hand composing, wood and lead types and of course a lot of printing.

See the pictures of our previous courses HERE!

Basic letterpress course (3 days, 24 hours) max. 6 person
Price: 33 000 HUF/person
Next course: 20-22. Nov. 2015.
Intensive letterpress course (5 days, 40 hours) max. 6 person
Price: 55 000 HUF/person
Next course: 30.Nov. - 4. Dec. 2015.

Nowadays it is renessaince of letterpress and old technincs. There are more and more traditionally printed artistic issues. On our letterpress courses there is opportunity to learn the basics of letterpress printing on our working antique machines during a 24 hour-course and on higher level on a 40 hour-course with the leading of Tamas Novokrescsenszkov typographer.
On the courses we teach: block types, different types of platen presses and other presses, all of the steps of letterpress printing. We will teach the use of Gutenberg press, platen presses, proof printing presses.

Phone: +36 20 219 1421
Email: letterpressacademy@gmail.com
Opening hours: by appointment